Living in Paignton, you benefit from a better-than-average climate: warm and temperate with no extreme difference between the seasons. Paignton sees a lot of rain, however, and there are many days in the year when the sun doesn’t shine. If you live in a house which doesn’t let in a lot of natural light, those […]

Some so-called experts suggest that children need an hour of physical action each and every day to keep them fit and healthy but also, for their physical development. You may think that your children are already over energetic, but you still might have to deprive them of their games machines for a few minutes, to […]

Farming has suffered from a plethora of disasters recently, causing many farmers to conclude that it pays to diversify. With the spotlight on livestock and its provenance the subject of the day, now is the perfect time to consider moving into the egg and poultry market. All you need are a few chickens and an […]

After you’ve invested time and effort and energy in building a wooden Playhouse from kit form from one of your favourite online manufacturer’s, your work isn’t over yet. Your wood needs to be protected against all of the elements which the British seasons can throw at it. At different times your children’s playhouses will have […]

When you are considering adding a garden room to your property, it may be because you want to invent a room away from your home as your personal retreat, or you might need to create a room that can act as your hobby room or home gym because you have simply run out of space […]

If you could visit the majority of rear gardens across the UK you would see wonderful gardens and incredible arrangements of flowers trees and plants, but you would also see a lot of very run down looking garden sheds, because for some reason, the British gardener don’t spend enough time looking after their garden sheds […]

Taking pride in your garden is a great British pastime, and with a bit of hard work and green fingers, even the lowliest outdoor space can be turned into a great area to relax in. Here are a few little jobs you can do to improve the appearance of your garden: each one shouldn’t take […]

Planning an elegant and enjoyable garden party is all about following your imagination. But just in case you need some inspiration to get started, here’s the perfect little guide: Make sure your guests will be cosy and comfortable. Choosing the location of your garden party is the most important part of planning. Preferably, you will […]

Some people love furniture buying, others can’t think of anything worse but the fact of the matter is that it has to be done. Having a stylish home is what we all want, and it doesn’t have to be that difficult. We just need to know what we want and where to get it from. […]

Flowers are a special gift that let someone know you’re thinking of them. Not merely a visual treat but a gift for the senses, flowers can lift a room, adding both colour and fragrance. Flowers can suit many an occasion, with special bouquet options for events such as weddings and celebrations, as well as flowers […]